The Quilt.

One of my favorite pastimes is devising clever uses for garbage-bound household things. Ever since I graduated I’ve noticed a marked increase in my creative abilities, so the last 3 months have been spent in fostering this awesome my skill. I have always been the bookwormy person with very little external artistic talent so I guess now that I’ve reached a pinnacle of sorts in my intellectual ability it’s time to put a muzzle on the left brain and let the right side take the lead.

Crafting is a hobby of mine, but only when it’s easy. So last month I challenged myself. My boyfriend was cleaning out his room before moving to a new condo, and, being the sentimental sweetheart that he is, could not bear to part with his massive collection of T-shirts. He’d acquired dozens and dozens of cotton t-shirts at concerts over the years, but hated wearing them because they were too boxy and unflattering.  Inspiration struck that moment as I stood marvelling over the collection of shirts which really served as memories. My great aunt once made a quilt out of my grandfather’s motorcycling t-shirts, and why couldn’t I? I already knew how to sew, and, if I took it slow I’d figure it out sooner or later.

Mi machina.

I began by cutting out 10″ squares from the shirts, using a cardboard template and exacto knife. Then I ironed fusible interfacing to the back of the squares to keep the cotton from stretching out of shape.

I made 30 of these, some blank but most with either the front or back design of the boy’s favorite memory-shirts. Next, i added a 2.5″ sashing from natural linen material I picked up at the thrift store, to make the squares pop.

Next step: sew all the sashed squares in one row together, then sew all the rows together, while praying that all the lines meet up!


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  1. Aunt Amy

    You go girl! Love you bunches!

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