The Quilt, part 2

After a bit of frustration and confusion as to how my sashing and squares ended up having such varying widths, I finally managed to put the rows of squares together. The completed product actually looks acceptable. So what if the corners don’t quite match up? The squares are made from punk rock t-shirts, and perfectly squared quilt piecing is so old-fashioned anyhow. Defiance, that’s how I’ll foot it.



Next step: Find and attach some sort of batting and backing to make this into a real quilt! I’m trying to make this quilt with 100% recycled and repurposed material, so I’m going to try to talk the bf into letting me use the old childhood comforter which he still uses on his bed. I will not mention the comforter’s theme, but I will say that he need not fret over losing his friends Mark, Harrison, Carrie and that tall hairy guy.


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  1. Lindsay

    That looks so cute! I love it 🙂

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