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The puppy.

So, I’ve been married for two months and we decided to get a puppy. Neither of us have ever been dog owners, nor have we been puppy owners. Needless to say, we have no idea what we’re getting into. We’re still trying to figure out how to keep him from mouthing fingers and toes ( he might be a sociopath because he doesn’t seem to care about our yelping and ignoring and all the other things people tell us to do), but when he’s sleepy he’sĀ irresistible. We played outside today and normally he just digs for worms, but today he decided to be cute. He rooted around, circled and flopped lazily onto the cool grass in front of the condo. I pulled out my camera.

Maybe he knew this would be his last chance to enjoy the sun before fall begins.

He doesn’t sit still very long.

He has green eyes, I didn’t know dogs could have green eyes.


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