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The Book Safe Guitar Amp, Part 2

After 4 trips to RadioShack, I now realize why all the nerds on the discussion boards for these electronic projects refer to this so-called electronics retailer as the Rat Shack. While the folks on staff were nice and helpful, the selection was pitiful (and, I’m afraid, exorbitantly priced). The first build went disappointingly awry, and when, at the end of the day I had nothing but a buzzing speaker, I decided to build the whole thing over again. The second attempt took a lot less time, and luckily for me everything at RadioShack is packaged in twos. What a surprise this will be for my fiance!

I tested the sound with my laptop and it came out a bit garbled, but I think I just need to recheck my solders. I owe a great deal of thanks to all the pioneering cardboard-box amp creators who have worked out all the problems inherent in working with this schematic and subsequently posted their modifications to instructables.com, Flickr, and runoffgroove.com. I am also very appreciative of my uncle and aunt for allowing me to usurp their kitchen table for the duration of this project and their words of encouragement and wisdom!

I love how it turned out! But I think my favorite part is the light. . . (It glows red, but I have a cheap camera which was unable to capture that lovely luminescence)

Lessons learned from this project:

1. There is an art to soldering

2. Brain function is signficantly affected by sleep and caloric intake

3. “Close” only counts with Bocce and best friends (yes, I did just reinvent a popular and annoying epigram)

4. Failed attempts are instructive, but success is incredibly rewarding!


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