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The Style Icon (Part 1)

Have you met Millie Perkins? She’s wonderful.


I discovered her while watching The Diary of Anne Frank, which was not a commercial success at the time it was released in 1959. I highly recommend it not only for students learning about Anne Frank, but also for anyone who appreciates great acting, great film-making and awesome period costumes! Costume Design by Charles LeMaire:


I love the button detail and the gathered sleeve cuffs on this dress.

I think I’m drawn to Millie because, like myself, she looked a lot younger than she really was. She portrayed Anne Frank (only 13 when her family went into hiding) when she was 21 years old. Maybe this is why she did not appear in many films until the 1970’s. She also starred in an Elvis movie. 


Richard Beymer and Elvis Presley? Lucky girl. She oozes class, and I love her cropped bangs! She is so graceful, and in my opinion, avoids looking “cute” while still capitalizing on her youthful appearance.


You rock, Millie.



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